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Wall Coatings & Insulation throughout Scotland

Make sure you get a qualified surveyor to diagnose the property before you start spending money on your project, as the wrong diagnoses will result in unnecessary expense and upheaval to your property and the problem still persisting.

We offer various systems to fix, repair, restore or replace any type of substrate from brick to sandstone we cover it all.

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The systems we offer include the application of Textured, Smooth & Clear Coatings these can be applied in a colour of your choice or a clear finish to various substrates such as brick, stone, stucco, k-render, tyrolean, pebble dash, wet dash, dry dash, polymer and more.

See below how one of our systems is applied

Call us today to arrange your free survey on 08450 573209

If the exterior walls of your property are beginning to deteriorate, do not wait any longer. Get them protected and solve any annoying wall problems with the award winning wall coating and restoration service.

To ensure the quality of our work and to provide our clients with the best value for money, we only utilize the most efficient products and methods available for all our wall coating and restoration services. In fact, our very own system is noted for its ability to address standard wall problems, including brickwork discolouration, crumbling, patchy repainting, damaged mortar, cracked or blown render, pebble dash, tyrolean and penetrating damp. Regardless of the problem you may have, here at Rollor Group we have a cure to resolve any issue to any substrate.

Beyond enhancing the aesthetic quality of your property, the benefits of our system does not just end there. With its application, the system will help protect your walls against leaks and make them resistant against water, micro-organism growth and smog, which simply means you can reduce the amount of upkeep time that goes into your walls. It also provides energy saving benefits that will make your home all the more energy efficient and can add value to your property.

We have used this system on hundreds of properties in the UK, and our 25-year guarantee is unbeatable and one of the best in the industry. Please note that this is not just a basic coating system we offer so if you are looking for the cheapest price then we may not be the company for you, however if its a first class job that's hassle free from start to finish with a great aftercare service then we are the right company.